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Commissioned by Devon County Council with funding from the Home Office, Department of Health, Youth Justice Board and DCC: Y-SMART is the Drug and Alcohol Service for under-18s, throughout Devon (excluding Plymouth and Torbay). We aim to provide high quality, accessible, targeted prevention and treatment services specifically for young people across the county.  Wherever possible, our service is confidential, promotes physical and mental well-being and reduces harm that can be associated with drug and alcohol use for young people and their families.




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We provide support and advice for young people, parents, families and professionals and also deliver multi-agency training across the county. We provide targeted education in schools for those who are vulnerable to substance misuse; this may include children out of mainstream education, those receiving alternative education provision and other education centres such as secure units. We also provide support for young people whose lives have been impacted by parental, carer or sibling substance use.

We work with young people who experiment with drugs and alcohol; with those who have more complex needs and whose drug and alcohol use may be beginning to affect other parts of their lives; also with young people whose lives may be severely impacted and may need pharmacological interventions and support.


This site is for you if:

  • you would you like more information, help or advice about drugs or alcohol
  • you are you worried about your drug and alcohol use
  • you are affected by friends, carers or family’s drug and alcohol use
  • you are a parent or professional looking for advice, support, or a place to refer someone that you are concerned about

Your Information and Public Health England

Y-Smart works with Public Health England - See what happens with your information when you work with Y-Smart -  http://www.ndtms.org.uk/info/



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Nov 18, 2019

This Y-Project day took place this Summer at our office base in Exeter. This group was mixed gender, younger age group - 7 to 11. The format of the day was; Therapeutic activities, an active sport session for group games, cooking, eating and time to talk.

Nov 18, 2019
Get an update on how people are tackling this issue.
Nov 18, 2019
Here are some Y-Smart tips on staying safe over Christmas